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The building that will become Rezidence Soběslavská 21 dates back to the period when Královské Vinohrady underwent its last transformation into the residential neighbourhood we know today. Thanks to its exceptional position, Vinohrady is a popular residential area with a historical appearance. Just like the neighbourhood itself, the six-storey building with terraces will also maintain its character after its extensive reconstruction, including architectural elements in the form of corbels on the second and third floors, which support balconies. There is also a nice garden with two terraces ideal for grilling or relaxing.



Wake up to the shadows of rustling trees, to the distant sound of the busy city. That is what mornings are like in Rezidence Soběslavská 21. The building is part of a quiet area of Prague’s Vinohrady district, a neighbourhood with an aura of prestige.

Of course the trees that fringe the `block of flats will not be the inhabitants only contact with nature. The courtyard hides a garden on a slight southern slope, which offers an original design of the common space.

What if you decide to venture out from the Rezidence? The neighbourhood offers possibilities like few others, perhaps because Vinohrady was once the fourth largest city in the Czech lands, thus it has everything one needs.

The civic amenities include nursery, elementary and several high schools within a reasonable distance. All kinds of restaurants, fitness centres, the nearby Centrum Flora shopping centre and the nearby parks, for example, are where the residents will write the daily stories of their lives.

But make no mistake; you can get to the city centre from this quiet neighbourhood in just a few moments. It only takes ten minutes by tram to get to Náměstí Míru or to the legendary Vinhrady Theatre for some culture. In pleasant weather, however, you may prefer to walk to the centre. A stroll along Vinohradská třída can easily compete with any architectural tour. You can admire a myriad of historicised styles of architecture along its entire four kilometres.


Wherever you decide to go, transportation will not be a problem. A mere two-minute walk separates you from the famous Vinohradská třída, where you will find the Želivského tram stop and the metro station of the same name. The walk to the Nemocnice Vinohrady bus stop takes a similar amount of time.


  • Breathtaking views of Prague from the majority of the apartments
  • Two minutes from the Želivského metro station(A)
    metro A
  • An abundance of parking spots in front of the building
  • A garden for the building’s inhabitants
  • Complete amenities in the area for a comfortable lifestyle


Units and prices

Number Type Floor Layout Orientation Floor
space m²
Balcony / Terrace
Garden stall
area m²
Status Price CZK
11 Flat 1 two rooms + kitchenette N 51.8 - / - / - - 51.8 sold Detail
51 Flat 5 two rooms + kitchenette N 45.9 - / - / 5.8 - 51.7 sold Detail
The Energy Performance Certificate is available in the office.

The Energy Performance Certificate is available in the office.

purchasing and financing

Procedure when purchasing an unit

Verbal reservation

Verbal reservation

If the client decides to purchase a flat, we will reserve the flat chosen by the client for 48 hours.

Reservation agreement

Reservation agreement

Do 48 hodin od ústní rezervace uzavře strana kupující se stranou prodávající dohodu o rezervaci s platností do 31.3.2019 a strana kupující do tří pracovních dnů zaplatí rezervační zálohu ve výši 200.000,- Kč. Do jednoho měsíce od podpisu dohody o rezervaci zaplatí strana kupující doplatek do 10 % kupní ceny jako druhou zálohu a do 3 měsíců od podpisu dohody o rezervaci dalších 10 % jako třetí zálohu do celkové výše 20 % kupní ceny.

Preliminary purchase contract

Preliminary purchase contract

Nejpozději do 31.3.2019 uzavře strana kupující se stranou prodávající smlouvu o smlouvě budoucí a do 10 pracovních dnů od uzavření SoSB uhradí kupující dalších 10 % kupní ceny do celkové výše 30 % kupní ceny. Platnost smlouvy o smlouvě budoucí je do 30.9.2019.

Purchase contract

Purchase contract

Before the preliminary purchase contract expires, the purchasing party concludes a purchase contract with the selling party, no later than by 30.9.2019. After signing the purchase contract the purchasing party is obliged to pay the remainder of the purchase price to the selling party.

Handover of the unit

Handover of the unit

The handover can be expected in October 2019 at the latest.

Information for foreign clients:

The restriction on the purchase of flats for clients from countries that are not EU member states is no longer in force. Foreign clients can now also buy a flat as a private individual.


PSN's and Hypoteční banka's successful long-running cooperation in financing the sale of flats to clients makes it possible to provide you with an unrivalled offer for financing the purchase of a flat in Rezidence Soběslavská 21.

A guaranteed alternative offer for the sale of flats in Rezidence Soběslavská 21 is provided by PSN and Hypoteční banka a.s.:

The basic option offers you

— FREE preparation of mortgage loan
— FREE preparation of property estimate
— LOWER interest rate by 0.25%

Other options offer you a combination of discounts from fees and interest rate discounts

— The possibility of extraordinary payments of up to 70% of the loan collateral value without a penalty
— All you need in order to set up the mortgage loan is to document your income

PSN provides the following services FREE OF CHARGE

— All the documents required for setting up the loan (with the exception of the confirmation of the income from employment)
— The registration of the title and the right of lien at the relevant Land Registry Office
— Legal and notarial services connected with the preparation of the contract documents

For more information about financing please contact:

PSN — Lukáš Záhrubský, +420 606 022 160, lukas.zahrubsky@psn.cz

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